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Chris Hehman visited Wed Feb 7 16:18:07 EST 2001 and had this to say:

Testing our move to hehman.org...

RHF executive board member, 92-94 visited Mon Jun 17 17:21:03 EDT 2002 and had this to say:

Get your crap straight. RHF never supported the Hear Josh stuff. We were just as offended as you about those posters popping up all over the residence halls. But the fact is that anyone can put something up on a bathroom door...

Chris Hehman visited Tue Mar 1 18:35:15 EST 2005 and had this to say:

To RHF board member: If we put something up on our bathroom door, it came down immediately as per RHF policy. But the Josh stuff stayed on the door, next to the only-RHF-stuff-goes-here sign, despite our complaints. Maybe the support didn't go any farther than the RHF guy for our hall, but there was some support at some level.

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