Armentrout/Hehman Wedding Guestbook

Chris Hehman visited Thu Jul 23 19:25:33 EDT 1998
Comment: Welcome!

Tiffany Armentrout visited Fri Jul 24 14:14:28 EDT 1998
Comment: Hey...this is pretty neat..I love the stick people

Rhonda & George Armentrout, & Mike visited Fri Jul 24 18:26:42 EDT 1998
Comment: Neat!!!! LOOKS GOOD!

Lamar & Annette HUNT visited Sat Jul 25 14:28:42 EDT 1998
Comment: Looking forward to seeing you! Congrats.

Jessica K. Smith visited Sat Jul 25 20:22:22 EDT 1998
Comment: Head up, shoulders back, hands up, heels down!

Sue-Anna & Dale Smith visited Sat Jul 25 20:48:29 EDT 1998
Comment: Saw Lea, saw Chris, great life - our wish!

Randy Rowell visited Mon Jul 27 17:02:52 EDT 1998
Comment: Is the wedding going to be viewable on the WWW?

Chris Hehman visited Tue Jul 28 13:50:46 EDT 1998
Comment: We'll have pictures up later, but no realtime video :)

Patt & Suzanne - Hydro Service visited Thu Jul 30 09:36:08 EDT 1998
Comment: Congrats! Great web site!

Trey Rivers visited Thu Jul 30 09:50:47 EDT 1998
Comment: Congrats! Outstanding idea! See you soon.

Jenny & Joel visited Mon Aug 3 21:25:13 EDT 1998
Comment: No horses on the bridal registry? Oh well. :-)

Jane Hehman (Mom) visited Tue Aug 4 21:25:41 EDT 1998
Comment: When people ask me what you want, I log on & read!

Jennifer Olson visited Wed Aug 5 18:50:55 EDT 1998
Comment: Congratulations! I hope to see pictures! ok, Lea!

Tom Hehman visited Thu Aug 6 04:30:22 EDT 1998
Comment: Best wishes , happy day, happy life. Great site!

David Mendoza and Sarah Kanney visited Sun Aug 9 19:50:24 EDT 1998
Comment: Superb site, many, many happy wishes

Wanda and Angela Werner visited Wed Aug 19 19:45:23 EDT 1998
Comment: Have a happy marriage with lots of good memories

Tiffany Armentrout visited Sun Aug 23 01:06:31 EDT 1998
Comment: Thanks for letting Lex come to the wedding....we a

Jenny Bishop visited Mon Aug 24 15:23:58 EDT 1998
Comment: We don't know you, but we think this is cool!!!

Denis Hehman Jr., Wilmington, De. visited Thu Aug 27 10:00:11 EDT 1998
Comment: Do you know of family in Delaware?

Matt Hehman a.k.a. Best Man visited Thu Aug 27 23:27:16 EDT 1998
Comment: Dude, I'm busy, I'll find someone my tux size.

Therese and Tom Edwards (Columbus,Ohio) visited Sun Aug 30 03:12:34 EDT 1998
Comment: Congratulations-You won the jackpot of love!

Rhonda and Mike Armentrout visited Wed Sep 2 21:33:11 EDT 1998
Comment: Congratulations! Many happy joyous years to come.

Darlene Pletcher (Charlotte, NC) visited Wed Sep 16 17:55:43 EDT 1998
Comment: Found you from my aunt...Best wishes and congrats!

Chris Hehman visited Wed Feb 7 16:15:16 EST 2001
Comment: Testing our move to

Carl Crown visited Sun Feb 9 02:52:49 EST 2003
Comment: Drop surrounds at any time. (Drop by anytime)

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